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CIEM Engineering Swiss Sagl

Microbiolflotation and bioflotation for advanced treatment of industrial wastewater

Ciem engineering sagl

CIEM Engineering Swiss Sagl was founded in 2021 with the aim of creating innovative, custom-made solutions for issues related to polluted water and its treatment.

Patents and technologies

Following decades of experience and experimentation during which we have consistently applied our solutions to problematic cases, CIEM Impianti Srl has gained the strong expertise needed to secure new patents based on the Microbioflotttion technique, an engineering development of the Bioflotation system. Used in various environments where advanced treatment of industrial wastewater takes place, the patents are applied to different European and non-European installations, including for prestigious multinational groups.

CIEM: a pioneering company

  • BI Patent N. 0001385009
  • EP Patent N. 2294018
  • BI Patent N. 001387366
  • BI Patent N. 102016000054765


CIEM Engineering Swiss Sagl’s history is characterised by continuous research and the experience CIEM Impianti Srl technicians have gained over time, having been dealing with wastewater treatment since 1990. That was the year that we began partnering with Engineer Odobez, the owner of an original patented oxygenation system, Bioflotation. Bioflotation is suitable for treating mixed or industrial wastewater, which are especially resistant to approaches that use traditional bio-oxidation methods.


First studies and experiments with “the Venturi advanced oxidation system” for Varese Lake


First installation of a wastewater treatment plant for the textile industry in the Biella area


Industrial Patent No. 92929 for sewage treatment in Taiwan-China


European Patent No. 0907615 for a wastewater treatment process


Founding of CIEM Impianti Srl


Joint Venture with ORZone Ltd Designing and implementing large plants for industrial estates (Taiwan-China)


Joint Venture with Protecmed Sl Joint implementation of industrial and landfill leachate treatment plants (Spain).


Italian Patent No. 001385009 for the cylindrical lamella separator


Italian Patent No. 0001387366 for a process and plant to purify polluted water


European Patent No. 2294018 for a process and plant to treat polluted water


Takeover of STEA Engineering Srl specialising in physiochemical treatment systems


Joint Venture with NETS Group Srl Implementation of advanced automation systems for the complete control of existing plants (Italy-Qatar)


Italian Patent No. 1020000054765 for External self-priming air dissolution mixing unit


Joint Venture with TEXO Ltd Joint implementation of industrial and treatment plants for the textile industry (Bangladesh)


Founding of CIEM Engineering Swiss Sagl – New subsidiary for significant public procurements (Switzerland)

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CIEM Engineering Swiss services

The environment is no longer just one factor to be considered. It is an issue of constant importance which industries and public administrations are being increasingly urged to face. The spreading of an environmentally-conscious culture and the concept of sustainable development can also offer financial and reputational benefits.
CIEM ENGINEERING SWISS offers strictly technical wastewater treatment plant services, such as:

  • Technical and financial feasibility studies for public and industrial plants
  • Specialised design to support engineering studios/local authorities
  • Installing and launching technological plants
  • Staff training
  • After-sales monitoring and management

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As well as CIEM Engineering Swiss, over the years we have formed several collaborations and partnerships with companies recognised in their field of expertise for their high professional standards.

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