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Toilette Kazuba - animazione mobile

Kazuba toilets

The revolutionary, ecological toilets that operate by the sun and wind, without using water, electricity or chemical products

Toilette Kazuba - animazione desktop

A self-operating system that does not require water and does not discharge effluent into the ground. Easy to install anywhere, affordable and environmentally friendly.

Simply innovative

Toilette Kazuba - senza cattivi odori
No unpleasant odours
Toilette Kazuba - senza canalizzazione
No piping
Toilette Kazuba - no acqua
No water
Toilette Kazuba - no corrente elettrica
No electric current
Toilette Kazuba - ambiente piacevole e inclusivo
Pleasant and inclusive environment
Toilette Kazuba - design elegante
Elegant design

Three models

Toilette Kazuba Modello KL1

Kazuba KL1

Suitable for mountainous areas

Small, light and versatile, it can be installed anywhere and blends in with the landscape. Installation is quick and, with its galvanised steel base, high-quality wood and stainless-steel fasteners, it is designed to last over time.

Toilette Kazuba Modello KL2 PMR

Kazuba KL2 PMR

Also accessible to people with disabilities

The elegant design and robust materials make it suitable for use in both rural and urban settings. Open and airy, it lets light in from the outside while giving you a sense of privacy and making you feel at home. It is oval-shaped, spacious on the inside and is accessible for people with reduced mobility.

Toilette Kazuba Modello KL2 STD

Kazuba KL2 STN

Suitable for all open spaces

The elegant design and robust materials make it suitable for use in both rural and urban settings. Open and airy, it lets light in from the outside while giving you a sense of privacy and making you feel at home.
The STN is the circle-shaped, standard version.


Ecologically sustainable

Kazuba is designed to use resources more sustainably and to reduce waste volume to the minimum

A force of nature

The warmth of the sun and a light breeze are enough to create a continuous airflow that dries solids and evaporates liquids, thus preventing unpleasant odours from escaping

Toilette Kazuba - Amica dell'ambiente

A patented system

The result of 20 years of research, Kazuba’s functionality is based on a principle that is as simple as it is innovative

Ecological design

It is made from 100% recyclable materials, such as wood from FSC-certified forests, and blends in with the surroundings

Where can it be installed?


Public parks
Play parks

Urban areas

Car parks
Bus stops
Areas outside museums and tourist sites

Sport areas

Ski resorts
Sports clubs
Golf clubs


Alpine lodges
Hiking trails
Lakeside walks
Rural leisure areas


Toilette kazuba - Installazione rapida

Fast installation

The toilet will be installed by technicians, and is up and running in a day

Toilette kazuba - Intervento spurgo ridotto

Less unblocking

Sun and wind energy lowers the volume of waste, significantly reducing the need for unblocking throughout the year

Toilette kazuba - Costo competitivo e bassa manutenzione

Competitive cost and low maintenance

Thanks to reduced maintenance and recyclable materials, Kazuba toilets are much more affordable than all other existing solutions.


Portable toilets

Traditional outdoor concrete toilets

Self-cleaning toilets

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Fast installation Presente Presente Assente Assente
Uses piping Assente Assente Presente Presente
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Uses solar energy Presente Presente Assente Assente
Uses wind Presente Assente Assente Assente
Unblocking greatly reduced Presente Assente Assente Assente
Ecologically sustainable Presente Assente Assente Assente
Built with recyclable materials Presente Presente Assente Assente
Low product and maintenance costs Presente Assente Assente Assente

More about kazuba toilets

Kazuba toilets


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Turnkey service

We offer efficient, high-quality solutions as well as a full assistance service that you can access from the design stage all the way through to the construction of the plant. Our experienced partners who work alongside us enable us to guarantee state-of-the-art technology.

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