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Wastewater treatment

We offer a wide range of quality services and products for civil and industrial wastewater treatment plants.

We design, implement and install both specific types of treatment plants and wastewater treatment equipment. We take care to ensure that each design reduces running costs and maximises results.

A wide pool of services

Advanced wastewater treatment

We offer multiple products and services specifically for wastewater treatment

Landfill leachate treatment

Physiochemical treatment

MBR biological treatment


Tertiary treatments

Biorefractory effluent treatments

Enhancing existing plants


Advanced eox oxidation

An oxidation system revolution. Significantly reduces maintenance and management costs by up to 50%. Allows for the treatment of wastewater which cannot be easily treated using traditional systems

Our watchword: simplicity

Maintenance without downtime

Maintaining the EOX oxygenator is extremely simple and can be done without turning off the plant

Simplicity of the plant

An external or internal EOX oxygenator keeps the system running smoothly

Internationally patented EOX

The EOX oxygenator can be installed on all types of treatment plants

Non-routine maintenance

One feature that distinguishes EOX oxygenators from plants with fine bubble diffusers is the lack of or reduction in non-routine maintenance. Even when maintenance is needed, it requires less time and staff.


Plant with submerged fine bubble diffusers

Emptying the tank

Not required

2 days – Un operaio

Removing sludge from the tank

Not required

5 days – Un operaioUn operaioUn operaioUn operaio

Maintenance of the oxygenation system

1 day – Un operaio

6 days – Un operaio


Not required


MBEOX: EOX and MBR System

MBEOX: EOX e Sistema MBR
  • Large reduction in BOD and COD content
  • Oxidation of reducing and biotoxic agents
  • Removal of the ammoniacal nitrogen
  • Removal of the ammoniacal nitrogen
  • No solids suspended at the treatment outlet
  • Removal of biorefractory components
  • Biological and high-performing processes Lower sludge production
MBEOX: EOX e Sistema MBR

Other benefits

Costi di manutenzione e gestione 

Maintenance and management costs reduced by 50%

Migliori prestazioni

Top performance

Installazione plug-in esterno alla vasca

Plug-in installation outside the tank

More on wastewater treatment

Wastewater treatment

Technical data sheets

In this section you can download the informative data sheets on wastewater treatment

Wastewater treatment


In this section you can see the plants we have installed in recent years

Turnkey service

We offer efficient, high-quality solutions as well as a full assistance service that you can access from the design stage all the way through to the construction of the plant. Thanks to oOur experienced partners who work alongside us, enable us we are able to guarantee state-of-the-art technology.

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