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Treatment systems for mountain lodges and dairies

We offer custom-made water treatment systems for structures built in mountainous areas that meet every need

Mountain lodges and dairies require durable water treatment systems, such as our three-chamber units. We also offer the ecological, environmentally-friendly Omenzym solution.

Treatment solution for lodges and dairies

The plant is made from durable elements that require very little maintenance. Its compact size makes it flexible and easy to install.

Benefits and features

Constructed according to VSA standards

Authorised by SPAAS (“Water, Air and Soil Protection Department”)

Simple to install

Minimal maintenance

No electrical wiring

Made from polyethylene: lower weight

Reduced underground depth

The ecological solution: Omenzym

Omenzym is a ground-breaking enzyme that uses a synergy of plant extracts to humidify and mineralise any type of organic matter.

Omenzym - Elimina i cattivi odori e riduce drasticamente i tempi per il compostaggio

Eliminates unpleasant odours and drastically reduces composting time

Omenzym - Stabilizza il Ph, disincrosta e igienizza

Stabilises pH levels, descales and sanitises

Omenzym - Innesca e amplifica i processi di degradazione della sostanza organica

Activates and increases the decomposition processes of organic matter

Discover how Omenzym reduces the costs of running treatment plants

More about treatment systems for mountain lodges and dairies

Treatment solution for mountain lodges and dairies

Technical data sheets

Download the informative and technical data sheets on treatment systems for mountain lodges and dairies

Treatment solution for mountain lodges and dairies


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Turnkey service

We offer efficient, high-quality solutions as well as a full assistance service that you can access from the design stage all the way through to the construction of the plant. Our experienced partners who work alongside us, enable us to guarantee state-of-the-art technology.

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