10 November 2021

The toilet powered entirely by the sun and wind

Kazuba toilets have been available throughout Europe for several years. Let’s see how municipalities are reacting to this innovative technology.

The toilet that is appreciated by municipalities

One of the Swiss municipalities where these toilets were installed is Caslano, located on the banks of Lake Ceresio (also known as Lake Lugano).
The village’s Municipal Council has praised Kazuba’s products for many reasons. These innovative toilets are not only appreciated for their ecological value, but also for their modern and elegant design, both internally and externally.
In the words of the Municipal Council, “Built out of wood and other first-rate materials, they blend in perfectly with the natural surroundings”.

Toilette Kazuba

The toilets free of unpleasant odours and piping

What most struck the tourists in areas containing Kazuba products (such as camp sites, national parks, sports centres and many other sites) was the lack of unpleasant odours inside the toilet. This is down to the air that the toilet sucks in, preventing the flow back of unpleasant odours.
This system, which does not require water or sewers, makes the Kazuba public toilets both highly affordable and ecological.

You can read the original 2016 article published in Le Temps below:

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